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2016-05-15 17:17:44 by SanfordMadnessNexus

Did You Ever Think How Weird Some stuff Would Be Swapped? Here are some examples:

Here is Mario's Theme.

Here is Sonic's Theme.

Here is Papyrus's Fight Theme.

Here is Sans's Fight Theme.



2016-05-15 17:09:27 by SanfordMadnessNexus

Did You Ever Think How Weird Some Things Sound Backwards?

Undertale OST-Megalovania

Elatrednu TSO-Ainavolagem


2016-04-22 18:06:26 by SanfordMadnessNexus

I GOT ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile,I am sort of happy because I got an Earthbound hack from Toby Fox(no,its not the holloween hack)[Hack_by_Radiation_v1.02]_(~Arn's_Winter_Quest_-_Gway_Edition)/33600-download

So,this post is a more serious post.

You know how trampolines are fun right?not for me.(For this post,remember i lied about my age :3)

So,I'm on a trampoline with my neighbor and brother.I'm about 100 pounds. My neighbor is 180,and my brother is like,over 200 or something.(and he's 5'11 and a half at 14 years)and the do this,err,THING where they see how HIGH THEY CAN BOUNCE ME IN THE AIR. As you probably guessed,I hated it.

They put me so high that i landed on my back.

That doesn't seem like a problem until i felt my spine move.

Now if I slouch over about 3 inches,PAIN.

So that's a thing.


A New Career

2016-04-16 19:42:39 by SanfordMadnessNexus

So,I've discovered Twitch.

I will be streaming-on Twitch

I will upload them on Youtube as well.

My Channel On Both Is ObsidianEnderman.




2016-04-16 11:07:52 by SanfordMadnessNexus

Shrek is love,Shrek Is Life


More Shit

Godamnit Ross




2016-04-10 12:52:24 by SanfordMadnessNexus

I'm so happy there is so many remix of undertale songs on newgrounds.I have 6 downloaded so credits to JK FlipFlop who i know that's not his ng account but what ever also creds to DM DOKURO and whoever made the hopes and dreams remix as well as sundra megalovania and another megalovania song who i dont know who made it. Plus I plan on uploading some other gathering pictures today as well as maybe some skincraft or Cathode Raybots so I want to know does anyone want to give me ideas for that stuff?(including gatherings)

GUYS IM MAKING THIS CAUSE LOOK AT MY ACCOUNT.SEE THE LINK TO UNDERTALE 2?it's amazing i can't wait to go get it on steam.GG GUYS

Making Lots. I got some planned. Donkey Kong,Mario 3,Mario World...




2016-04-09 22:04:15 by SanfordMadnessNexus

Anyone want me to upload corruptions of mario games?